I was just three years old when on 12th March, 1993 Mumbai shivered under 13 continuous deadly blasts. The master-mind behind these blasts was Daud Ibrahim and some believe that the Pakistani agency, ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) was also involved in this. Hundreds of innocent were injured and many lost their lives.

Today after almost two decades, the Supreme Court has passed his verdict on the accused including Sanjay Dutt, the lovable ‘Munna bhai‘. Sanjay Dutt has already finished his one and a half years of jail and is still left with three and a half more years. Mr Dutt has been convicted for illegal possession of arms and guns including the deadly AK-56. Some news media has even released his telephonic conversation with Daud in which they cheerfully talk about their affairs and family stuff.

Many directors from Bollywood and his friends in politics have come forward in solidarity with him. I don’t have a problem with that. Friends and family are always there in your support, no matter how heinous your crime is. What bothers me is their appealing to the Governor of Maharashtra to reprieve him for he was too young during the blasts. No doubt that Sanjay Dutt is a crowd favourite, but that doesn’t mean that law should be made softer and easier upon him. There are thousand other prisoners in India who are behind the bars not because they have been proven guilty but because there is no one to bail them out. Why is Mr Katju, chairman of Press Council of India only worried about Sanjay?

Question: Why is media being so sentimental about this issue?

Answer: Ohh…is it because he is the ‘Munna bhai’ who has been serving the society and the poor through his films? The answer is a big NO! He is an actor and actors are not social-workers. They are just entertainers who get paid for what they do.

And of course because our ‘honest’ media is paid and biased.

Sanjay Dutt himself is aware of the severity of his crime and so has decided not to appeal for mercy. Let the case be closed. There are many more important issues in our society to be addressed and reported. Media, stop creating hype over an authentic and balanced verdict by Supreme Court.

Mr Dutt, you should gracefully accept the verdict!



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