I needed a hard disk. Urgently. With last few days left at IIT Kharapur, I wish to get as much stuff as possible from DC++ — an internal sharing network. For me the first choice was –Flipkart anyday.

Here in my college, one can easily get Flipkart coupons at a discount. How much discount, you ask. It all depends on demand and supply. You see, Economics is ubiquitous. These days, supply of these Flipkart coupons has all of a sudden decreased and the demand has always been high implying that the discounts are now ever low. Market is imperfect and it all depends on your bargaining capabilities. I managed to get a Flipkart coupon of 7k at 6k –roughly a discount of 14%. An amazing deal, I would say. At a time when sellers are selling at a meager 10% discount, I managed to get an additional 4% discount. I am proud of my bargaining capabilities –something which I must have acquired from my father. He’s a businessman.

 So I had the coupon. I browsed some of the hard disks and decided to purchase 1 Tb WD. I did my purchasing through my smartphone. Why smartphone, you ask. There was an additional cashback of Rs 100 on hard disks purchased via mobile. What an offer!

Next time you need to purchase something, don’t forget to browse via your mobile. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to get some cash back.

Go shopping the smart way!

More details: There’s an extension which gives you the variation in price of any commodity at various online stores like flipkart, amazon India, Snapdeal. One can easily use this extension to judge when will be the right time to make that purchase. For instance, the 1 Tb hard disk which I had purchased became costlier by Rs. 1300 the very next day. Just imagine how many bucks you can save with this extension.



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