My stay at IIT Kharagpur -A synopsis

Mathematics has always been my favorite and when I got Mathematics & Computing, IIT Kharagpur I was on cloud nine. I did a quick Google and landed to the official site of our institute. That was the first time and also the last time when I had paid close attention to each of the tabs … Continue reading My stay at IIT Kharagpur -A synopsis


Pre-Placement Talk snippets

I'd attended PPTs. (Pre-placement Talks) of almost all the companies I'd interest in during my placement time. Many students find attending PPTs a waste of time. I was not one of them. I liked attending PPTs. I felt they gave me continuous motivation to be consistent in my preparation. I remember the first PPT I'd … Continue reading Pre-Placement Talk snippets

A hard disk

I needed a hard disk. Urgently. With last few days left at IIT Kharapur, I wish to get as much stuff as possible from DC++ -- an internal sharing network. For me the first choice was –Flipkart anyday.Here in my college, one can easily get Flipkart coupons at a discount. How much discount, you ask. … Continue reading A hard disk